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From the military world, corporate life, now this! - Bianca Renee

My background is in Project Management, IT and Creative Designs. I have an BAS in Computer Science and an MS in Information Technology with a minor in Network Security. I've studied at Villanova University as well as Kaplan University. I worked myself up from an associate, to a supervisor of 30 employees split between three teams, to recruiting & hiring, training, business analyst, content marketing & design, and videography. Personal and professional development is my passion. I took all my education, training and experiences and developed Beautiful Beginnings, LLC. I am faith based and spirit led! I put GOD before everything I do! As a child I was always an artist, painting, abstract drawing, rearranging furniture, changing the scenes of each room of the house as the seasons change, mixing colors, and prints. My creativity and how I see color and concepts is a natural gift that I am blessed to have.

I am a modern day Philanthropist! I love being around people and helping them however I can. This road called life, is bumpy with so many turns, hills, stop signs & caution signs, everyone needs help along the way from someone or something right?

That something is Beautiful Beginnings, LLC and that someone is me. I am dedicated to provide positivity through Empowerment & Motivation. Encouraging & Inspiring, through, quotes, creativity, music, life strategies, lessons and more! 

I've been through some things in my life as we all have.  One devastating life event, forced me to search deep within myself, seek GOD even more and be transformed. My first thought was creating something Beautiful, then I thought, well since this is a new beginning that I am on now, why not make it "Beautiful Beginnings". This was three years ago and here I am today!

Talk to you soon!! 


beautiful beginnings, llc

"My best didn't get me here, my faith did"

S. Renee Wilson

Today, I want to strive to not leave anyone out, strive to be someone of good cheer to all the negativity in our lives today. This road wasn't easy for me it came with pain, heartache, disappointment, and restructuring of my life mind, body & spirit. It will not be easy for you, but the beautiful part is you have someone who cares and who wants to be an inspiration for you!  ( ME ) I am now walking in my purpose and I am walking it out for you! 

Beautiful Beginnings is just that! Stick with me on your beautiful beginning and you to will be transformed!

Those who stand for nothing will fall for anything - “Alexander Hamilton