Why everyone needs a mentor!

I have been mentoring individuals in the corporate and military environments. I am a huge fan of mentorship! Mentoring does not mean “ you do not know anything” or is it a sign of weakness. It is actually a sign of strength, discipline, awareness and respect for yourself to want to do better than you are now.

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A Servant leader

Being a mentor means you are a servant leader. I believe in this 100%. I also know that everyone may not be ready for mentorship and this is something to think about before signing up. To better yourselves sometimes you have to be uncomfortable and take a different path to learn something new, become a better person or business owner and reach those goals that are waiting on you!


Professional development

What is professional development?

Professional Development is specialized training, education, knowledge, competence and other related skilled training to develop you in your chosen category that meets your specific need or goal.

Coach Renee focuses on you and your goals. If you are serious about your goals and are ready to get started, schedule an appointment today.

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Benefits of Professional Development:

  • Igniting your fire!

  • Build your confidence!

  • Learn things about yourself you didnt even know about!

  • Face the uncomfortable moments!

  • Get rid of Distractions!

  • Build Credibility!

  • Develop Effective Organization

  • Achieve Career Goals

  • Explore various growth options

  • Responsibility & Discipline

  • Conquer overthinking


Business Matters and so do you!

If you are looking to start a business or are just starting and you need guidance, this program is for you! Getting started on business is not easy and requires a lot of discipline, consistency, strength and not giving up when things gets tough! I have been a business owner for over 2 years now and I have learned a lot of lessons. I am taking the step in providing knowledge and lessons as I am on my journey to help you! Why wait? As a business analyst in the corporate and military world, I learned the ups and downs of business.

Categories in the Mentorship Program

Coach Renee’s 7 phases to success!

Business / Professional Development

  • How to start a business

    • Operations, Licensing

    • Business Credit

  • Using your ideas to build a business

    • Leverage your characteristics to build this foundations

  • Networking

  • Marketing & Branding

  • Integrations and Conversions

  • KPI’s ( Measuring Business Success )

  • Net Promoter Scores

  • Personal Goals


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