Frequently Asked Questions


Never allow money to determine your value. Let the work you do for others speak for itself. This is priceless ~Coach Renee

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What type of services does beautiful Beginnings provide?

Start- up / Entrepreneurial Services, Small Business Consulting Services, Content Marketing & Design, Social Media Management Services, Integrated Technical Solutions for your business to function more effectively and efficiently.

how long is the mentorship program?

Coach Renee mentorship program is 1, 3 6, 9, and 12 months. This is depending on the need of the mentee. You are free to change the type of program at any time during your mentorship program. Take a look at our mentorship program details here

What INDUSTRIES do you specialize in?

We take pride in learning the elements of any industry and its structure. Some of those industries are, small business and nonprofits. The industries are fitness, telecommunications, Internet/e-commerce, distance education/e-learning, retail, food service, beauty, real estate, lawn care, music. There are many industries out there, we pride ourselves in using our strategies and developments towards any industry โ€” Our focus is on the approach and strategy to meet the potential needs of potential investors.

How does your business services processes work?

Every situation is unique. However for our small business and nonprofit clients who purchase our business services,

  • Initial discussion to understand your business needs and or goals. ( Local In Business Visits)

  • Review your existing business structure and depending on the service needed,market research, business plans, marketing plans, etc.

    Follow-up discussion to clarify details and agree upon the scope and fees for the project.

  • Several in-depth discussions to better understand the details, develop strategies, and agree on all proposals.

  • Conduct additional research, as needed.

  • Draft a Proposal and review it with you to ensure that all parties agree.

  • Finalize all deliverables.

  • Provide ongoing support,for the term of the service purchased

Business Hours and Contact:

At this time the business hours are from 10am to 5pm M- F EST. Please feel free to email anytime. Responses will be within 24-48 hours. Please do not text or call outside of these hours. All updates request are to be sent via email to Please remember depending on your package / agreement there may be a charge to updates.

Are there agreements with each service?

Each service comes with agreements that will need to be signed. It is the responsibility of the client / customer to read over the proposals agreements in its entirety. Beautiful Beginnings, Llc or Coach Renee are not responsible for any service agreements or policies on the website that the client has not taken the responsibility to read.

what forms of payment are accepted?.

Paypal, Cash App, Cash, Credit or Debit Card Payments

Please see our refund policies for content marketing & design and our business services.

Are your consulting services GUARANTEED to increase business sales?

Beautiful Beginnings, LLC takes pride in both experience and education and applying this to each customer or clients services. However, there is no guarantee that Beautiful Beginnings, LLC or Coach Renee can guarantee that our strategies will increase your sales, capital with any service. There are so many factors involved that we will not be able to take responsibility for any factors or variables in any case.

what is your process for content marketing & design?

Our content marketing & Design services varies, please check our Policies and Process here: Web Design, Logo Design, Stationary Design, Graphic Design Process, Social Media Management & Marketing

is my business at the stage for any of the services?

Our first consult is free. We will conduct an free assessment of your needs, current status of your business future goals and agree to a plan existing or custom that will work for your business or individual professional goals. Schedule Today

How long are your business and start - up services?

Time varies depending on the service purchased. Please see our services here in detail.

In the majority of our services, time depends on several factors to include participation, complexity of your business structure and goals and your current workload. Please refer to the service details.

Request earlier services other than what is outlined in the terms of service, proposal or on the website will be additional charges. We typically work on multiple projects at any point in time, and rush projects can strain our schedules or inconvenience other clients.

Multiple Projects

Beautiful Beginnings, will not begin working on any additional requested projects until the first project is completed. This is to ensure there are no overlapping and any inconveniences to Beautiful Beginnings, LLC schedules and clients or the client. If the client request additional projects in lieu of the initial "incomplete project" the time-frame will be subsequent to the current projects time-frame and will not start until the previous project has been completed.