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Please note: Beautiful Beginnings, LLC requires at a minimum 6 -10 weeks in advance before you plan to launch your website.

We would recommend for you to ensure you select the package that works well with your business strategies, branding and goals. Whether it is to upgrade your current website or create a new website, Beautiful Beginnings is here and ready for you. Beautiful Beginnings, LLC does not take responsibility in purchasing your domain with Wix, Godaddy, Squarespace , VistaPrint or any other hosting sites. We also do not take responsibility in the services or applications provided by the hosting sites as this is third party content and technology.  For each of our packages we recommend to schedule a consultation with Beautiful Beginnings, LLC here if you have any questions that may not have been answered on the site.

If you do not have time for a consultation, you can fill out the design request form here. We will follow up with you via text or email.

We want to ensure you have the best experience possible as well as ensure we capture the needs of your business or individual brand. It is important to had over the phone or in person conversations.

payment and contracts

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After consultation,  Beautiful Beginnings, LLC will send an agreement that outlines the details of the services requested. Please allow 24 -48 hours for the agreement to be sent via email after our initial consultation. The contract can be electronically signed. All contracts must be signed prior to getting started on your website design needs. We accept payments by credit card, debit, pay-pal or cash app. If you are paying with cashapp, please send payment over to $beautifulbeginningsllc . You will be sent an invoice for services. All transactions are secure. Please check our refund policy here.

After payment is made you will receive a confirmation email and we will start on your website mock - ups design needs according to the outlined agreement and our polices.  It is imperative that you to provide the content needed to get started on your web designs needs this is included in all agreements.  This includes Logos, photos, graphic designs, wording, policies etc. Please note:  Beautiful Beginnings, LLC web design packages does not include creating or writing business manuals, content ( does not include SEO content unless outlined in the package chosen), policies or conduct any other administrative needs for your business.  Beautiful Beginnings, LLC will accept any content to be uploaded sent via email at . If the content is not provided or delayed, this will delay the completion of the web design and increase the amount of time for the design to be completed as well as any revisions needed. Please see our web design policies in reference to delays. All mock - ups will consist of the first three to four pages only. You will be sent via email mock -ups images or a website link containing your mock - up designs depending on the nature of the project and at Beautiful Beginnings, LLC discretion. 

final steps

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All Packages take between 5-10 days for mockups at a maximum.

Once the selection of the mock - up is identified, all revisions made and approved, Beautiful Beginnings, LLC will send a confirmation letter via email to be electronically signed by the client. After the revisions and final mock - up chosen, Beautiful Beginnings, LLC will begin working on the remaining pages after the confirmation letter is signed. Depending on the package will determine the time allotted to create the initial web design that you approved. The time frame will be 5-10 business days. If there is any remaining content needed, for your web design, it will be needed at this time.

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You made it!

If the content needed to complete the website design is not provided to Beautiful Beginnings, LLC by the due date outlined in the confirmation letter, Beautiful Beginnings, LLC will advise on the next steps at Beautiful Beginnings, LLC discretion. Please see the policies in reference to delays in providing content to Beautiful Beginnings, LLC.

After the web designs are completed Beautiful Beginnings, LLC will send a link via email for your review. Please see the package details for revisions and the associated contract. 

Clients who are requesting updates to their current site

  • It is imperative to communicate with your clients / customers that maintenance will be done on your site

  • ( Option only ). Beautiful Beginnings, LLC does not take responsibility in any delays of revenue, potential customers or maintenance, this is solely the client responsibility.

    • This is important as Beautiful Beginnings,LLC will need time to update the website as outlined in the contract. It is not Beautiful Beginnings, LLC responsibility if there are any delays in project if there is no or minimal availability to the site by the client

  • We will work together on the appropriate time and schedule needed to update your site.

If there are any requested changes to the approved design at this time, this can be done to include ( text, fonts, font sizes and colors). There will be no design changes or revisions.

Beautiful Beginnings, LLC is not responsible for server, hosting or maintenance of your website.

 Please Note: It is imperative that the client communicates with Beautiful Beginnings, LLC to not further delay any projects. Please see our policies in reference to termination of projects. Beautiful Beginnings, will not begin working on any additional requested projects until the first project is completed. This is to ensure there are no overlapping and any inconveniences to Beautiful Beginnings, LLC schedules and clients or the client. If the client request additional projects in lieu of the initial "incomplete project" the time-frame will be subsequent to the current projects time-frame and will not start until the previous project has been completed. Any programming request after the initial mock - ups are $200.00 & up. Programming request is $40.00 per hour and is not included in the packages.There also may be additional fees for research and other consulting. Please see the contract associated with the project for further information.