Web Design Services Pros & Cons!

Web Design Services Pros & Cons!

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Web Design Sites - Pros and Cons

" Wix, GoDaddy & Squarespace" 


We all want a website and we want it fast! Even if we don't know how to design a website or know the first thing about web design. That is where Beautiful Beginnings, LLC comes in to design your site for you on wix, go daddy or squarespace. Get started with pricing and packaging today!

In the meantime, with so many web design services and hosting companies, which one do you choose?

Let's focus on the most popular names Wix, Go Daddy & Squarespace. I am sure you have seen the commercial and social media ads about these popular companies. For the most part all of them are good to use, it just depends on what you are trying to achieve with your website. For example, are you a new start - up business, new brand, or are you looking to upgrade your current site? All sites offer hosting and domain packages. Let's explore....


"Websites show companies not only that you are legit, but you are growing and active"



Wix is a popular web hosting and design site that has a lot of cool capabilities and apps. If you want a quick design I would recommend wix.com, however please be sure to check out their packages that fit your needs. Their plans are easy to understand. The only disadvantage that I would mention is its eCommerce. There are a few things in regards to eCommerce where WIX is not able to compensate for, such as keeping track of your customers through membership. There are apps that you can purchase that can most likely assist you with member access, however its not built in Wix web infrastructure nor is it included in your plan unless you pick the plan where all apps are included. Again be sure to check the premium packages on wix. Another option is using the developer side of wix to create a basic login for potential customers or clients. For the more eCommerce all in one package, I would recommend squarespace for your business or brand.


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Go Daddy offers a free trial for a business toll - free number, called "SmartLine". You can sign up even if you do not have a website on Go Daddy. Click here for more info.

Go Daddy

Go Daddy is another web design and hosting service that a lot of people use. Depending on your style and how you like to use online programs will ultimately make your decision for you on which company to chose from.. There could be a feature on Wix that Go Daddy doesn't have  that you like and ultimately that provides you your final decision. Either way the choice is yours. Go Daddy offers professional email included with your domain or not depending on the package. Another cool feature is Go Daddy integrates with WordPress. Which is another popular web hosting company. Go Daddy has a lot of templates for wordpress to choose from. Check them out here. They have templates for every type of business for profit or non profit to get you started! 

Go Daddy is very simple to use and understand. Beautiful Beginnings LLC can design your website on either platform for you. Consult with me today to get started!



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If you haven't noticed, I currently use squarespace for my hosting and domain for my business. I enjoy using squarespace for my eCommerce business needs ( storefront, pricing, packaging, member access, subscriptions, marketing, seo and more)! Squarespace offers so many templates that are stylish, modern, bold or simple. Check them out here. Squarespace offers a free trial with no credit card needed. Their help and support section is fantastic and most of all up to date! 

Another cool feature is scheduling! There are alot of scheduling apps today, however with squarespace you get Acuity Scheduling for free! I use this today for my consultations. Check it out here and all the features it has to offer. One that I particularly like is syncing my schedule with my icalendar! There are so many features with squarespace, you can browse my site of course to see if you like the set up. If you want to consult on a web design that fits your needs. Consult with me today! 


Which website do you currently use? What questions or comments do you have on the article? I would love to hear from you!

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