Logo Design Policies

Legal Rights Agreement

All approved designs are the property of the Client, having unlimited and royalty-free use of the image upon payment of all fees. Please see refund policy below that further explains how the royalty - free use can be revoked. Please also see the licensing policy of our designs as well.  Beautiful Beginnings, LLC retains the right to display any designs in their portfolio and advertising, unless advised otherwise by the client. As a client and upon all payments completed and contracts are not voided or cancelled, you can trademark your logo at your own discretion. When there is no payment or contract is voided in regards to any logo design all of the client's rights in and to the logo design created for it, including any trademark property, will be revoked immediately and return to Beautiful Beginnings, LLC.

Beautiful Beginnings, LLC creates its own designs there are no templates used unless created by Beautiful Beginnings, LLC. There may be at any time designs that are similar that Beautiful Beginnings, LLC is unaware of however they are not created by Beautiful Beginnings, LLC  If for some coincidental reason a logo designed or web designed by Beautiful Beginnings, LLC looks identical to another party’s logo, Beautiful Beginnings, LLC will provide a free redraw session with a new set of logos.

Printing and Color Responsibility:

Beautiful Beginnings, LLC provides each client with RGB and CMYK color modes of their logo. Once the design is approved it is not the responsibility of the Beautiful Beginnings, LLC if the colors do not match your computer or printer. Each program and or software and or printing material are different and Beautiful Beginnings, LLC is not liable nor responsible for the variations used respectively. Computer screens can only reproduce RGB colors and only simulates other color modes. We do our best to match RGB colors on our computer screen to CMYK or Pantone colors, but it is impossible to match the color exactly. When we convert your files to different color modes (CMYK, Pantone) we hold no responsibility for matching exactly your approved RGB colors. It is the clients’ responsibility to double-check and make sure the printer gets the right color. Also, when printing in CMYK process the printed colors may vary. Beautiful Beginnings is not responsible nor liable for the outcome of the printing quality and colors.

Images provided by client:

Beautiful Beginnings, LLC holds no responsibility for retraced images:
Any idea provided by the client: sketch, copy, fax, file… that Beautiful Beginnings, LLC is asked to use in the logo design process removes its responsibility from any copyright violation or warranties. As stated, Beautiful Beginnings, LLC cannot guarantee the originality of the work sent to Beautiful Beginnings, LLC and therefore will not be held liable for any damages or violations.


The general delivery time line for the first logo design concepts is 5 - 6 business days after the consultation between the client and designer , depending on the nature of the work, package or bundle chosen. 
Every following change will be delivered in 1-3 business days.
More complex changes or revisions may be delivered up to 5 business days (depending on the complexity of work).
All revisions deadlines are determined by the receipt of all necessary information pertaining to the re-designing of the logo. Client agrees to provide communication to Beautiful Beginnings, LLC after notification of sample completion. It is not the responsibility of Beautiful Beginnings, LLC to request an update on outstanding client responsibilities. Clients shall have a maxium 3 days to respond to each set logo design samples submitted to the Client for review. If after 3 days the Client has failed to respond in respective to the design, Beautiful Beginnings, LLC will assume the Project complete and the Project shall be deemed to be complete. Beautiful Beginnings, LLC will have no further obligation to he Client, and Client shall pay Beautiful Beginnings, LLC all fees and expenses associated with work performed by Beautiful Beginnings, LLC

Stationary Designs and Final Approval:

Please see our logo design process. After the final approval on your logo design, any additional change requests are at a minimum $50.00. Clients are allowed to choose only one logo. All designs, concepts, slogans or other materials displayed to the Client which are not selected by the Client remain the full property of Beautiful Beginnings, LLC. Clients can purchase additional logo designs provided within the samples created to fulfill the Client’s order for $75.00 per additional logo or design.


Beautiful Beginnings, LLC reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate Client’s access and providing services to all or a portion of any service, at any time, with or without notice. In the event of such termination, Beautiful Beginnings, LLC will work with the Client to determine the amount of any refund (if any) to be paid to the client as a result of such termination. At the time of refund the client must provide in writing that it will not use the designs provided for any website, commercial, advertising, printing or any other means as the client no longer has rights to it. If there is no writing policy sent to Beautiful Beginnings, LLC by email or Fax, Beautiful Beginnings, LLC assumes the images are being used and will take necessary legal action. Should client’s use of the service result from client’s material breach of the terms and conditions of this Agreement, Client shall not be entitled to any refund, unless otherwise mutually agreed upon by the parties. 

Loss of Data

Beautiful Beginnings, LLC will take all appropriate precautions to safeguard its servers and data contained within, however Beautiful Beginnings, LLC will not be held responsible for any loss of client data stored or intended to be stored on the servers and on back-up devices. The client will not be entitled to any form of compensation from Beautiful Beginnings, LLC in the event of loss of data, therefore it is recommended that the client also takes steps to back up his/her logo materials.

Refund Policy:

A full refund not to include an administration charge of $50 will be made if the Client does not wish to proceed with the product design before the initial design drafts are created.

The refund policy will also not take into effect if:

  • The reason does not relate to our design.

  • You do not provide any feedback within 3 days or an update.

  • You have obtained the design from a 3rd party.

  • You have not communicated with Beautiful Beginnings, LLC after revisions

  • If you purchase a bundle package or package that includes a la carte

  • Designs have already been approved

  • If work has already completed on one of your samples and 3 or more logo design changes have been carried out at your request.

  • If other design companies were simultaneously hired to work on the same logo design project.

Beautiful Beginnings, LLC may make changes to the website and information provided, i.e. publications, prices, technical specifications, promotions and product offerings at any time and without notice.