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Beautiful Beginnings, LLC Stationary Design Process

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Choose your Package!   CHoose the package that will best fit your brand goals and or business needs

You have the option of booking a consultation if you have any questions or concerns or you can fill out the detailed request form here.  Filling out the request form helps us gather information needed to get started on your designs. Please note: If stationary is included in any bundle package, please refer to the bundle process in addition to the stationary process as well. This just outlines what project will begin first and the preliminary time-frame of completion for the entire project.

The form will collect information about you if you are an individual brand or about your business. This is important as it helps create the vision you are seeking. If you have examples of logos, please also include those as well. Please fill in your name, the company's name, as well as your email and mailing address. At Beautiful Beginnings, LLC we are committed to protecting your privacy. 

In addition,  We need all the information you require on your stationery set: names, positions, address... At the end of the form attach your logo in vector format (ai, cdr, eps, pdf). 



Beautiful Beginnings, LLC Stationary Design Process

Please be sure to read our payment and refund policies. All designs require full payment after consultation or submission of request, or initial deposit. We can process payments via Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover or PayPal. You pay by check, money order, or wait until you are called to get all the needed information for payment. Beautiful Beginnings, LLC will not start working on approved designs until full payment is made. Invoices will be sent for check or money order payments.

We guarantee that the transaction is carried out with the highest security possible. After receiving the order form, Beautiful Beginnings, LLC will contact you by phone or e-mail to confirm your order and answer any questions concerning your project if you have not booked a consultation.

Beautiful Beginnings, LLC Stationary Design Process and Packaging

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After your payment has been received, we will begin working on your stationery project. You will be notified by phone or email, when your designs are completed and when they will be sent. You have three to four days to provide feedback  ( revisions) on the initial mock - ups. If you need more time, please contact us at 757-344-5582 within business hours or email us at  If we have not heard by the client within 4 days in regards to the initial project, the contract will be void.


After revisions are made, we will begin working on your revisions immediately. Simple changes will be completed in two business day. 

If you are not happy with any of the presented variations, we will provide you with one redraw session with a new set of concepts free of charge.

When all the changes have been completed to your satisfaction and you finalized your stationery design, a kit will be prepared. You will be asked for a color mode preference either in Pantone or CMYK. You will have an option to choose both for a nominal fee.

Stationery Kit will include files: AI, PDF, EPS in RGB and CMYK colours. It will be sent in an attachment via email.

Beautiful Beginnings, LLC step 4 Stationary Design Process

 Please Note: It is imperative that the client communicate with us to not further delay any projects. Please see our policies in reference to termination of projects. Beautiful Beginnings, will not begin working on any additional requested projects until the first projects are completed. This is to ensure there are no overlapping and any inconveniences to Beautiful Beginnings, LLC or the client. If the client request additional projects in lieu of the initial "incomplete project" the time-frame will be subsequent to the current projects time-frame. There also may be additional fees. Please see the contract associated with the project for further informaiton.