We will never increase the awareness of the need to change unless we involve ourselves in the change
— S.Renee Wilson

In the community

There are so many definitions to what a community means in so many categories. Being involved in your community is how you impact lives from young to old, how you learn more about yourself, how you meet new people, there are so many positives with being in the community. 

This page is specifically to show how groups of people can work together to make a difference in someone's life in the most impactful way.

Today our youth is important and we as adults ( including me ) must do more to save their lives and ensure they have a strong backbone and foundation to come to and even come back to when they go astray.

The picture to the right was taken by me when I was at a local Jazz Festival a few years ago. Empowered to Change is non profit and I will definitely get involved with what they have going on and share this with you!

It doesn't matter what your involvement in the community is as long as it is positive and moving forward! We are in a time where togetherness is needed and love is needed even more. God led me on this path and I will continue to do his work!


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More community topics and gallery coming soon!